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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

lately ...

I have only pulled the camera out for specific events - the marathon, birthday, tournament, graduation ... 
I have forced in a teacup or a flower or two around the house, but I haven't really ventured out with the camera just for fun. This must be remedied. Soon. 

 In the meantime ...

a couple flowers from out back 
(where I need to visit with the weedeater in a bad way)


  1. I love lilies, we had so many of them in our yard growing up!

  2. Love the raindrops on the petals. I think you only take the most wonderful photos when what's before your eyes "calls" to you. You just can't force that. Sometimes those "calls" are kinda long in coming. And just can't stop them from coming. Enjoy the bit of a break! I'm sure that camera of yours is gonna get its work cut out for it sooner rather than later :)

  3. I just love those multi petaled day lilies, and I know what you mean about the summertime and the lack of blogging. Been a little behind times myself. But we all need a break now and again for a recharge!!

  4. I'm with you, actually. It seems I take some shots with the phone but don't feel like lugging the DSLR. Yes, those weeds just keep growing but the flowers are very lovely. Enjoy the summer, Nicki.