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Saturday, July 12, 2014

we may never pass this way again ...

Life, so they say, is but a game and we let it slip away. 
Love, like the Autumn sun, should be dyin' but it's only just begun. 
Like the twilight in the road up ahead, they don't see just where we're goin'. 
And all the secrets in the Universe, whisper in our ears 
And all the years will come and go, 
take us up, 
always up. 
We may never pass this way again.

{Seals & Crofts}

same path - different direction 

as is with life 
- it is all on how you approach it


We've spent several summers under the cloud that we may never pass this way again;
anticipating the inevitable point where our children will have lives and schedules that do not include family.
Determined not to take one minute for granted,
we have made extra effort to include them to the extent possible in our extra curricular endeavors (so to speak), 
like taking Allyson to the golf tournament and to the Maroon5 concert.
She went last year right before leaving for Japan
- and even though we were fortunate to get that opportunity again, 
it was very different.  
She is a different girl  And we are different adults.
The same is in the making with our son who is starting to stretch his independent legs;
where even when we get to do the same things together, it's not the same. 


  1. Aw, so sweet, bittersweet, I suppose. You are making memories - each one is different but equally special!

  2. I think of transience sometimes when taking a photo - each is a unique interpretation of the moment it's taken. My children are all grown, so now I'm experiencing change in my Grandchildren. The older ones, still preteens, are beginning to have busy schedules. We still make an attempt to spend precious time with them, making memories.

  3. I think the transition times are the hardest...and I remember it well. Now both of my kids are married and we have a new wonderful family. Hang in there!

  4. It is a constant change as they change and we change. All good though.