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Monday, August 4, 2014

vacation Good.Random.Fun ...

Every time we go to Disney we manage to get a room that seems to be located a mile or so from the lobby. 
 No biggie - I'm counting steps after all, so it's all good. 
 But what was especially good this year was finally getting a room with a view. 
 Well worth the walk.

On one of our previous trips to Florida I made a few (albeit random) observations along the way 
- like two cows putting up a billboard.
My family, with rolled eyes and forced smiles retorted - "of course you did mom".
(their contemplation of dialing up the local cuckoo farm being brutally transparent)
 And now I have proof. Bwahaha!

Family fun 

or is it? 

We did this one time with the kids 
- they rode blissfully in the back (claiming their feet couldn't reach the pedals) 
while my husband and I huffed and puffed our way around the boardwalk. 

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  1. Gorgeous view! I always get the room farthest from the lobby and the last gate at the airport!
    Coming my way, eh? If you have any time while dropping off the college girl, let me know! I am back in work that week for teacher prep, but have evenings free!

  2. There was a time in our lives when it seemed we were ALWAYS at Disney and that if I ever would be too soon! Well...I'm kinda wishing on a star that I get back there soon :)

  3. I guess y'all don't have Chick-fil-A. Those crazy cows are like family. ;) We're planning to head back down to Orlando next summer and seeing all of your photos on Instagram has really given me the itch!

    1. We actually do have Chick-fil-A, but no such advertisements (granted, those billboards have been out for awhile - but snapping a picture of one validated my previous claim of seeing it).

  4. Yes, a lovely holiday in Disney! Beautiful photos!

  5. Such fun! It's fun when we can prove to the family that we're not much fun! Love the edit on that last photo - so unique!!

  6. oh i use to love it here, we have stayed many a time at the beautiful boardwalk. now, i just feel overwhelmed by it!!

    and who gets those rooms close to the elevator or lobby??? ours is always the last one in the hallway ;)

  7. I don't mind being away from the lobby, seems quieter that way and yes the exercise is good.

    1. Sarah - I hear you about the health benefit -- but must say, on those days when you have been at it from 8 - midnight in the park, I for one would not complain about a shorter journey back to the room.

  8. We love the Chick-Fil-A billboards! Love these images, especially the first!