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Friday, September 5, 2014

Floral Friday ...

I have always enjoyed these along the side of the road.

If I were a deer, I would gobble them up.
The fact that there are still so many of them still by the road probably means they are not eatable
- oh well! I would then pick them and take to my deer friends.

Speaking of deer - spotted a 10 point buck by the house yesterday.  Wow!
(impressed my husband by knowing that it is called "point" - shocked myself that I remembered)

Who says you need kids around to live an exciting life - clover and deer - oh my!


  1. Beautiful shots! Love the color of the clover!

  2. What a sweet clover and oh the color. Love your header!!

  3. Gorgeous clover photos! We saw fields of it on PEI. Made me wonder if they cultivate it for hay or something. Haven't figured that out yet.

  4. So cool to see a buck, what do the points mean?

    1. It indicates the number of tips to his antlers - with 10 this fella is probably at least 2 1/2 + years old and is pretty healthy. Bucks are prime target come hunting season around here and even with the herd of 20 or so deer that for the most part live between the golf course and the adjacent housing development, seeing a buck of this size is uncommon.

  5. Very pretty colors, pure beauty in these delightful flowers, excellent photos !!

  6. oh it is my color, what a beauty!! i love deer, i hope you got a picture!! have an awesome weekend!!!