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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

HIGH | song*ography ...

I found a ghost in the city lights 
where all my wrongs have turned to rights 

broken into pieces

it ain't a way we should live

from the ground up 
we will rise 
I tipped my hat to the highest high 

every day is a compromise

pictures courtesy of my daughter from her time in Tokyo, Japan,
where everything is larger than life,
overwhelming and down right intimidating when viewed from above
but with a compromised perspective
a bit more manageable from down below
where the ghosts of the city lights are less frightening.


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  1. Nice pictures, I love that giant spider sculpture, pretty lights at night in town!

  2. I just bet this was such a great adventure for her. Special special times!!

  3. Wow! Very cool pics! And good with the song choice.

  4. Amazing images... the first one is like a scene out of a sci-fi movie... I love it


  5. Wow, these are beyond stunning! I got goosebumps!!

  6. Oh my, that last shot just screams Tokyo to me! The colors, the vibrancy, the sense of motion and action. Fantastic. Tht hanks for linking up to Song-ography.

  7. Wow, everything is so bright and lit up! The gigantic spider freaked me out haha, spooky, reminds me of a Tim Burton film!