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Friday, September 19, 2014

schools in session ...

cobwebs, errr, spiderwebs

or a colossal mess 
(possibly by a spider with short legs with a tight spin cycle)

the master 
(Yoda Was Here)

Considering that the shrubs and yard were full of webs this morning
I'm guessing Thursday night was
either exam night or 'ain't got nuffin' better to do' night.

What's more, with this many webs 
(and trust me, you haven't seen the half of it)
should I be worried about where the spiders are this morning?


  1. Intense! So pretty with the water drops...Why is it that webs (and even spiders in their webs) fascinate and draw me in, but spiders running around on the loose - especially in my house - make me crazy!!??? Great shots! Can totally feel the damp air!

  2. Oh my, these are great. I had a big one hanging on my porch a couple of days ago and before I could grab my camera someone showed up at my front door and ran right into it, thus spoiling the photo op, along with the web.

  3. Fantastic captures, Nicki! Those beautiful dew-drops forming pearls ... The scent of fresh morning fills my mind - thank you Nicki!

  4. What a great array of webs. Loved your photos and your commentary.

  5. Fantastic photos! You can come here to our 27th floor condo and see lots of spiders too!