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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

do you remember | black/white Wednesday ...

Last week I embarked on a mission to get some more pictures of one of the neighboring farms;
a trip that is down the way, across the river and near the railroad.
The adventure in discovering how to actually get to this farm short of crossing the railroad bridge reminded me of my childhood.  Summer days that would start out with one simple agenda: find new locations to hangout.  Prize spots would be tagged as someone's "fort" and from thence forth you needed their permission to go there.  In the process we climbed our fair share of fences, crossed many swinging bridges, and hiked what seemed like endless country roads.
The only limits to our destiny was whether or not we had packed a lunch
and how much sunlight was left to get us home before dark.

As a parent, I would freak-out not knowing where my children were playing.  It was a privilege to reach the age where they were given a walkie-talkie and the freedom to explore.  Even still, that freedom came with some "OFF LIMITS":
the river,
the railroad tracks,
and other people's yards.
I have no doubt that each and every one of these restrictions was breached if not completely broken.
So each time I contemplate how nice it would be to live in the city closer to work, I am reminded of the value of having the space to explore and stretch your imagination as a child.
There is also something to be said for that same luxury as an adult hunting for pictures.

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  1. That's a great b/w conversion! I always love me a good b/w image.

    Oh, yes, the children need space, lots of it! I feel a bit sad for my city-bred kids... I can see how much they love all that space whenever we go back home in the summer.

  2. I really love these--especially those barns in the landscape.

  3. Love the vintage sign with all its texture in BW ~ lovely pastoral shot too!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Oh boy, memories of childhood and our only confines were our parents' rules, and our imaginations.

  5. My kids' playground was a Paris neighborhood - believe it or not, we felt as safe there as our parent's did when were kids. I never knew that kind of freedom - but am glad I'm finding it now as nature's become a whole new discovery for me!