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Sunday, October 26, 2014

the great pumpkin ...

I love pumpkins nearly as much as I like Christmas decorations,
filling the house with just about every assorted design each Autumn.

So it stood to reason that once I got a glimpse of a pumpkin field on the opposite side of the freeway on the way to Florida, it was immediately moved to #1 spot on the "to do" traveling photograph list.

Despite having just giving me grief about trying to capture the 'amazing' foliage,
my husband knew without question that the camera was not going back into the bag
until the fields had been photographed.

The method to highway, drive-by photography is having the camera on and at the ready,
then clicking away because you will get trees/shrubs/signs/other vehicles in the picture.
So yes, in response to his "ah ha" declaration that he had discovered the big secret of photograph:
"just take lots and lots of pictures and hope one is good"
pretty much sums up the trick to getting focus at 70 (or so) mph.

(smarty pants!)


  1. Love the little pumpkin! The field of pumpkins is amazing, too!

  2. Best way to occupy myself on a road trip. Sad truth is....that "big secret" is pretty much my over-all photography secret ;-)

  3. Hello! I wish you a nice week.

  4. I'm amazed that you took the photo of the pumpkin field at 70 mph!

  5. Great find and yep that's the way it rolls.