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Thursday, November 13, 2014

little things Thursday ...

the only way to make sense out of change
is to plunge into it,
move with it,
and join the dance.

~ Alan Watts ~

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  1. Wow - that is gorgeous! You have such an eye!

  2. The editing adds an extra sense of 'motion' to the photo - something that I love about water color. Just now hit me, that I've never been as big a fan of still life, but have always loved water colors - might have something to do with that sense of movement and the notion of fluidity. Quote and pic are a beautiful match!

  3. When I saw your photo, this poem (which I love) instantly came to mind. It's by Mark Strand: In a field
    I am the absence
    of field.
    This is
    always the case.
    Wherever I am
    I am what is missing.

    When I walk
    I part the air
    and always
    the air moves in
    to fill the spaces
    where my body's been.

    We all have reasons
    for moving.
    I move
    to keep things whole.

    1. an even better fit to this image - powerful poem.

  4. Beautiful. Love the quote - so true. xo Karen

  5. Oh, I love that quote. Change paralyzes so many people. Beautiful image and edit!