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Thursday, November 6, 2014

thankful for a morning walk | Little Things Thursday ...

I woke up the other morning and got this notion in my head to go for a walk,
just a brief stop along my route of errands and then I'd be on my way.
The goal:  photograph the brilliant orange foliage that has been taunting me on my commute.

But as with most of my "simple notions"
it didn't take long before I had gone off the grid
and just as quickly as I had devised the plan, it had taken on a life of its own.
A brief jaunt soon turned into a full-on hike.

At the crest of the first hill, the field beckoned me to "get closer". 

The hills summoning me to "come on up". 

All with absolutely no regard for arthritic knees or menopausal hot flashes.

And somewhere along the way
my pockets filled with mementos
and my camera card got fatter with images.

Monday's journey reminded me of a similar trip years back.  The kids were in school so I had a little time on my hands.  The plan was simple - "stop by the local park for some Autumn foliage pictures".  But on that occasion I only managed the first hill, battling the internal struggle between taking leisure time versus wasted time versus "more important" things.

Where on earth did the time go?
Days that felt like they would go on in the same fashion forever.
But they did go.
And Monday I had a greater sense of appreciation of how fortunate I was to have had them.  
This time my morning walk was in better health, contentment, 
and with a realization that the journey is often as valuable as the destination.
It is important to sometimes venture away from the plan,
feed your curiosity,
stretch your legs.
November is a month to pause and give thanks for all our blessings.  
As for me, I will be forever thankful for my walks and the memories and circumstances surrounding them.
May I never take for granted the drive to be curious or the ability to remember;
especially when it seems that diseases like dementia and alzheimer are becoming all too common.

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  1. What a gorgeous walk!! Glad you were able to take the walk and think about these things!

  2. Fall is the absolute best time for a long walk. Glad you went on yours. These images are fantastic!

  3. Yes. To every breath and word of this.

  4. I love this post too...and if we lived closer I would have loved to tag along!

  5. Oh, that sky! And those fields. I'm glad you went off the grid for awhile. We all need to gather memories like this.

  6. look at your beautiful blue skies!! Loads of grey here!

  7. Amazing photos with that vast sky. Makes me want to get out and reach for the skies.
    You are correct - it's all about the journey - sometimes we focus too much on that destination / goal, we forget to enjoy what is right here and now.