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Monday, November 17, 2014

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I received a text from my daughter 
 Her: "this tree is too pretty!" 
 Me: "...go back and photograph it" 
 Her: "lol! ... when I get the time." 

 Sometimes I question the extent to which the kids absorbed anything I tried to teach them.
Sometimes there is no question - an eye for a good photo.  Check!


Down moments this weekend were spent sorting photos for the 2014 family photo album; 
this particular one was from my trip to California at the beginning of the year. 
 In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday, in others (considering so much happened this year), 
it feels like a life-time ago. 


Marshall remains undefeated! 
Watching them resoundly beat last year's conference champions was fun; 
it was freezing cold by the end of the game, 
but still, fun. 

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  1. Gorgeous shots! Had to laugh at your first one and that sigh I could inaudibly hear.

  2. How wonderful that your daughter has picked up your eye for great photo opportunities!

    I really like the photo of the bike: the colours, the angle and the setting.

  3. Winning sports teams are fun! Have a way of really pulling together a whole community! That bike makes me want to plan a vacation!!

  4. Way to go Marshall! Love that picture from California!

  5. She's absorbed more than you will ever image….but right now she's a busy girl….Love the bike shot...

  6. That tree IS so pretty!! That bike shot is lovely. I can imagine it being made into a print, a postcard...