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Saturday, December 20, 2014

what a difference a year makes ...

This was a pretty common sight just one year ago ...

[white/grey was the new black in 2013]

I am knocking (hard) on wood that we can continue without any white stuff 
(especially the icy variety). 
 And yes, I'm completely okay with no White Christmas. 
You may say "bah, humbug!", but I'm all "ho ho ho on the go with no snow"
"woot woot!"


  1. We may not get a white Christmas in Boston either, I plan on finding one, by going skiing!

  2. I, too, am lovin' not having much of that white stuff around .... a non-white Christmas is perfectly fine with me! :-)
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  3. We have a little bit on the ground and that is just plenty. Although we are suppose to get some for Christmas.

  4. We had a little of the white stuff here in Massachusetts today, but it's supposed to be near 60 on Christmas. What's up with that??

  5. What a gorgeous view!! I do love snow!!

  6. No snow is fine for me too! It's raining here, sort of weird for Wisconsin, but I'd rather have safe travels that snow any day! merry Christmas to you too!