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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in review ...

Welcome 2015 

Before I start on philosophical goals and unrealistic resolutions,
it occurred to me that unlike years before, I had not done my 'year in review'
and we can't have that ...
so here is a look back at 2014 with some pictures I probably talked about, but didn't actually post (for the most part):


2014 for me started at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.
It was without question one of the #bestmemories2014;
and texting with my sister during this year's parade we have decided to do it again in 2016.
2014 wasn't just started doing something I had long dreamed of doing,
it was started with a new attitude - one that included experiencing, exploring, and improving myself.

(sometimes you have to focus on what is right in front of you and less on what lies ahead)


February could best be described as "brrrrr!"
Cold and White.


Over the course of the winter I noticed some new visitors at the bird house; some blue birds unlike the former sassy Blue Jays, these with a more periwinkle hue of blue and a nicer disposition, adding a nice touch of color to an otherwise gray and white rut.


Spring flowers finally!
Enough already!


A fellow photo blogger introduced many of us to a new app on the cellphone,
inviting us to a game of Waterlogue Instagram.
Challenge Accepted!

This month was also the end of an era in our house - no more primary/secondary school kids.
The youngest graduated high school. 
(ps - this isn't him!)


Did someone order kittens?
We found ourselves supporting some neighborhood (feral) cats and their respective kittens. 
lots and lots of kittens 


My husband and I started July attending the PGA Greenbrier Classic golf tournament;
him volunteering, me watching and taking pictures.

We rounded out the month with a family vacation to Disney.  For several years we've approach the prospect of each vacation as "possibly the last guaranteed one" that will include both kids.
Considering our son is 'so over Disney', that is probably the reality and no longer a mere possibility.
(our daughter on the other hand will still be tagging along when we are using walkers)


Not to fear, flowers were still a mainstay in my portfolio of pictures.


I added a new tool to my photo editing box, Topaz Impression,
and soon I was looking through my viewfinder for items that could translate in Van Gogh.
I am sure my parents are LOL in their graves at how excited I got over a parked tractor and bales of hay.  All the money spent on getting me set up in the big city after college could have been saved by simply moving me to the farm.


Who needs kids to enjoy Disney?  Not us - especially when surrounded by characters like these.
Halloween at Disney was brilliant and with fewer people to accommodate in the agenda, more flexible time was available for photos.  (despite my husband's affinity to Grumpy - he is a good sport when it comes to my photography)


That point when I realized how blessed I am.
Perpetually on a diet, increasing number of grey hairs, forever counting pennies, and praying for patience to not strangle my kids husband cats  (the list seems to be on a rotating track);
I am blessed.


This is the month of surprises 
- even from a husband who gets so excited over gifts, he generally gives them to you as soon as they arrive.  

And no year is complete without a word from Ike

Happy New Years!


  1. Mallory will be right there with us in our scooters at Disney as well. We are going in May, so excited!

  2. Your year is pictures is beautiful and I am sure brought back many precious memories as you put them together...Disney must be in the air...we are taking our grandkids in March....

  3. Looks like you have picked an excellent selection of pictures from your year 2014. Hope 2015 is equally as adventurous for you!

  4. I love this idea of a year in review! And what a wonderful year it's been for you. Wishing you an even better 2015.

  5. I love your review, Nicki - the photo of those Blue Jays crawled into my heart ... so touching and pretty! Congratulations once more for your daughters graduations - lovely that you could have s long holiday together with both children, now that they're almost adults (Ours are also getting there within a few years :)
    May your 2015 be filled with joy & wonder!

  6. I find some nice art in your view. Would you be interested of joining a Digital Art Meme? NF DAM?

    If so you are welcome to visit to check it out :)