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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

black and white wednesday | cold of winter ...

Is there anything more enticing than snow?
And I'm not talking just any snow, but the kind that flocks;
the kind made even better by freezing, adding emphasis to each individual branch.
Don't you get the sense that Narnia could be just down this path?
Where it's always Winter and Never Christmas.

Believe it or not these are pretty much SOOC.
Except for a little warming on the second image and slight sharpening for the web
- mother nature could school Adobe Photoshop.

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."
- John Steinbeck -

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  1. It is just so amazing! Love the idea of Narnia - until the snow gets dirty...

  2. Beautiful b&w contribution, well done!
    My post at:

  3. Fantastic shots! I've got to veture out and get my little self cold...It's beautiful here! These are shots that show off winter's magic!!

  4. A landscape is almost-all-white... simply beautiful!

  5. The snow looks very cold, but so beautiful. I love even when there is just frost on the trees to make them sparkle. Great pictures.

  6. Marvelously creative wintry BW shots! Elegant!

    Happy Wednesday,
    artmusedog and carol
    ps. Cape Ann MA buried in snow!

  7. Yes Narnia could be down that path. and snow that brings out each individual branch is the best. My favorite is the snow that glitters. Beautiful shots all.

  8. Lovely shots .... the snow we got yesterday was light and fluffy so it didn't stick to anything (except the ground) ....
    diane @ thoughts & shots

  9. That is the great thing about winter, very little is needed to be added in the processing department. Saving so much time in the process.

  10. So beautiful, Mother Nature is smiling down on your photos.

  11. I like the quietness in the mornings after a snowfall at night, branches heavy with snow and all that against a blue sky and crispy air. And John Steinbeck is right....

  12. I do love it, just rarely get to experience it. It is very Narnia-esque!

  13. Really awesome photos! Magical indeed!


  14. Hi Nicki! :) Thanks for your comment on my blog! Glad you are still blogging - I have been lazy lately ... Amazing shots - like always!! :)

  15. Narnia-yes!!!! I love how nature makes her own black and white!!