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Friday, January 23, 2015

on the other side of the fence ...

Once upon a time we had birds. Birds in red, blue, grey, and brown.  Big ones.  Little ones.  And some woodpeckers thrown in for good measure.  But now we have a herd of cats courtesy of a neighbor who couldn't be bothered to get the momma cat neutered.  So the feeder has gone unfilled and I suspect an X has been rendered on our fence to warn off unsuspecting fowl.  Even as this beautiful Mr. Cardinal and the Mrs. plucked at the leftover berries on the branch in the neighboring yard, one or two from the feral gang laid in wait on the top of the fence.  I am probably not popular with either fowl or feral after I slammed the door to scare the birds from their food or the cats from their food.

 I am familiar with the circle of life, I just choose not to have a front row seat.


  1. One thing I miss about apartment living!

  2. Feral cats are such a problem. Those poor birds.

  3. the cardinal's color jumps of the screen - beautiful!

  4. great capture of the cardinal .... feral cats can be mean :-/
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  5. I miss seeing cardinals around here, with that brilliant pop of red

  6. The red of the cardinal really pops against the pale green background... great capture!