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Sunday, January 11, 2015

scavenger hunt sunday | say what? ...

It has been a very long time since I participated in Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday; the memes that broke the ice for my participation in other photo link-ups, and one that introduced me to several other photographer/bloggers who I draw inspiration and companionship from on a weekly basis. 

 Ashley gives five words and the hunt is on ...

After months and months of using a lipstick that was so not my shade, I finally broke down and got a new tube of lipstick (wine something - I am so bad at this whole makeup thing it's a wonder I don't walk out of the house looking like the lady from the old Drew Carey show way-back-when).

A lovely bouquet of red and fuchsia tulips to brighten my day and add a little color to the kitchen.

Not going to kid you, this is a last minute substitute for coffee and Life cereal - my go to breakfast.

I can not believe these are still around in January; normally by now they would have been buried under snow.  Not complaining, just observing.

Circle up the horses - unfortunately none were to be found the day I visited the park; in fact, I have never seen any during any visit to the park.  Ever.  But there are tell-tell signs that they have been there (ahem, watch where you step).

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  1. Love the tulip - such a nice pop of color. Happy Sunday!

  2. Those tulips are gorgeous. Nice shot of the lipstick which looks like it may be similar to this years color of the year, marsala-a mix of deep red and brown, like the wine marsala.

  3. Beautiful! Of course I love the eggs the most!

  4. Fabulous pics for the prompts! I haven't done the scavenger hunt in quite a while either. Maybe I should pick it back up.

  5. Oh man that tulip slays me. Great hunt pics.

  6. Been ages since I entered Ashley's meme. As always you did a great job! Love that last shot!
    Somehow I don't think you would ever go out looking like Mimi Bodeck. :) She was a character!!!

  7. This was so fun Nicki. I haven't followed anybody that has done this link up for a while. I love seeing what people find.