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Monday, February 2, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | iPhone road edition ...

the GOOD ...

It is always good when your flight takes off reasonably close to the scheduled time.
It would be better if the connecting flight did the same.
 In the end, Allyson made it to school in plenty of time for Storm Juno to hit Boston and for her classes to be cancelled.
So it's all good!

Speaking of things New England ...
the Patriots won the SuperBowl (booyah!)
Katy Perry did an entertaining halftime, (yeah!)
but the commercials were some of the poorest in years (boo!)
Still - all good!

the RANDOM ...

There is a section of Interstate 64 that gets no love from the State Road Department.
With each and every snow/ice storm this section of road goes untreated until there are multiple accidents.  We made our way out the other morning pleasantly surprised that the bit of road in the development was clear; spotting a salt truck in this area is like spotting a unicorn.  Closer to town we encountered a bit of a snow squaw making the roads a bit more challenging, but passable.  And then we got to the Interstate where it was as should have been expected, impossible!  We clocked a high of 12 mph and counted at least 12-15 vehicle accidents. (of course!) As soon as we reached the next town (same county), the highway was considerable better because there, the DOH gets the concept of salting roads.
No rhyme.  No reason. Random.
Consistently so.

the FUN ...

Coming home on much improved roads.
Always more fun.

iPhone pics editified 

(combination of DistressedFX, Gavin Philips' textures, and Florabella Textures)


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  1. The halftime show was so great! Roads here are such a mess. Again. So much snow!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I was rooting for the Patriots too. YAY! Sadly, we got snow too! EW!

  3. Love the pics. The style captures the stormy mood. Glad your team won.

  4. I remember those snow storms and the icy roads well from my years in Illinois. Stay safe, and glad your daughter got back in time for her cancelled classes.

  5. Loving your photos.. Love the way you edit them. It was a close game thats for sure and the best team one. :)


  6. We were a household of cheering maniacs. In need of blood pressure meds!!! These photos are so pretty - love your different editing choices! (also, did I know your daughter was in Boston for college? If you ever need free room and board for a visit, you know who to call!)

  7. These pictures are gorgeous, beautiful textures, I like the serenity that convey!

  8. Love your pictures. And your words. Well, they you wrote them, NOT the fact that your roads did not get the love they needed. I actually opted to work from home today - lucky me!
    Have a great week!
    s~A(R)T~urday w/linky @ ImagesByCW

  9. I'm feeling very left out of the snow fun. Love your images and so glad your girl made it in time!

  10. I love the edits on these, works of art!

  11. Wonderful edits of these photos.

  12. I like the snow shots - and your commentary!

  13. Great iPhone edits! I hate driving on icy roads in the the winter, biggest fear (other than snakes).