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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

song*ography | thinking out loud ...

Thinking out loud 
Ed Sheeran

people fall in love in mysterious ways

[love knows no bounds]


I'm thinking out loud
 (that) maybe we found love
right where we are 

more often than not, I think you find love when you stop actively looking for it.
less effort trying to force it out of a situation or location
more effort opening yourself up to discovering it right where you are


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  1. Fantastic post and great pictures. How very true.

  2. I like your collage. Are these all YOUR places? I agree that it takes (a lot of) opening up to let someone into your heart. But once you found the right one... it is just that. Right.

    1. My daughter took the one in Japan as well as the Church on campus in Wellesley, MA (I have oodles of this Church, but liked her winter shot better) - but otherwise they are all mine.

  3. Beautiful! Such a great and I think true sentiment.

  4. The collage is lovely. Nice to have your daughter contributing.

  5. Such creativity here linking the lyrics to the photograph. Perfect! And I totally agree, once you stop looking...things seem to find you :)

  6. Lovely collage, and I love that you're "thinking out loud". Perfect sentiment about finding love by not looking for it - love is all around!

  7. Great post. Yes you are correct.....not looking for it is the stressless way for it to find you. I am living proof of that statement.

  8. ...and in unexpected places. :)
    Love the way you did the collage!

  9. I totally agree.. Love your take on this.

    Hugs, Linda
    My Happy Place

  10. So your collage! xo Karen