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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

escape ...

An escape away from winter could not have come at a better time. 
 We managed to escape Thor and enjoyed a nice, comfortable visit with Mickey and friends.

[picture courtesy of a neighbor - the sole entrance/exit to our development ... under the tracks] 

 My neighbors, on the other hand, suffered over a foot of snow, flooding that left the entire community stranded with no exit from their homes, and to put a cherry on top, there was no electricity for 3 days. 

Florida in the winter - I highly recommend it.
My husband and I both laughed about how there was a time when the concept of living somewhere that didn't experience the distinct 4 seasons was not for us.  
Now  ...
Florida in the Winter sounds better and better every year.

I will get back on the blogging band wagon soon.


  1. So glad you got away! Hope you came home to power and heat!

  2. Glad ;you were able to escape this awful weather to go to Florida. It has to have been a very long winter for the Northern friends. From the looks of the blogs, it has been an endless time of snow and cold.

  3. I hope you had a "magical" time! :) Welcome back to reality.

  4. We have found ourselves saying that exact thing....winter used to be fun, maybe not so much anymore. Good news it is 53 degrees here in Wisconsin today...54 degrees warmer than last week. I hear things melting...I. Can almost close my eyes and smell Florida. Well, almost. enjoy your time away!

  5. Yep.. Florida sounds perfect for the winter.. Hope you had a blast at the Magic kingdom. I LOVE that place. Well the smaller version that is in California.. :)

    My Happy Place

  6. Glad to hear that you had a respite from the cold.

  7. woah - that's tough. I do so love the winter....but I wish it didn't come with the troubles that it can cause us!! My daughter would give a hearty YES to your sentiment of Florida in the least for one nice, long visit!!

  8. Unfortunately for me, I've never been able to romanticize the changing of the seasons. You would not believe the pep talks that I've had with myself to be more positive and accept the climate where I live. But, no, I am a summer person. I need blue skies, I need sunny days, I need flip flops. I am hoping that my time in Chicago is nearing its end, perhaps not immediately, but in a few short years.