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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

song*ography | american pie ...

Two weekends ago my husband and I were taking our son back to school and 'American Pie' came on the radio. 
 The moans, the groans, 
the "OMG how long is this song?" filtered from the backseat. 

"You do know what this song is about, right?" 
 "It's about the death of music ... probably killed by how LONG this song is!" 

"No, it was about when the songwriter's music idol was killed in a plane crash." 
"Well, that's sad, but it's still too long!"

 *note to self: considering my eulogy will be written by my children, it will be short and to the point. 

"Mom was da bomb! LOL! 
She lived a good life 4 sure 
and [heart] her family 
and pets. 
Peace out!" 


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  1. Great image! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Ha ha! This mental image is hysterical. Love the very Americana image you created!

  3. I love this! So perfect for this song!

  4. LOL, love the eulogy. Wonderful post.

  5. I love this song and everything about this post is just perfect, esp the text / twitter worthy eulogy....

  6. Love your epitaph! Have a great day.

  7. First, your image for this is sooo perfect. And second, the eulogy cracked me up!

  8. Your post made me smile. So typical I've heard the same remarks coming from my backseat.

  9. Lol!!! You always make me smile!

  10. Kids these days just don't have any sense of what "good" music really is. - Yes it was a but a good one.
    I'm loving the photo you shared though. Has that "James Dean" look to it.

  11. As far as i know Don Mclean has never actually talked about what the song lyrics mean but I could be wrong about that. I think this is a great image for this part of the song. Really cool image


    1. He once mentioned that Holly's death was the inspiration, the lyrics on the other hand - he didn't elaborate on. Except this week - he spoke about what it meant AND apparently the lyrics sold for over a million dollars.

  12. I saw in the paper this morning that they sold his original papers for $1.2 mil. Nice for him! And I heard he said when asked what the song meant that it meant he wouldn't have to work anymore. LOL.

  13. OMG...literallly laughing out loud here. THANK YOU, I needed that. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography. (P.S. Love the edits to the photo).

  14. Hahaha - LOL - I love 'your kids' eulogy' - great take on Song-ography.