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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

black.white.wednesday | PROUD | celebrate ...


I know there were points along the way when Allyson questioned if this day was every going to get here.
Youthful impatience to reach the illustrious light at the end of the tunnel, bemoaning the exhaustive trek to the finish line; wanting it to just be over with already!
In spite of my steadfast reminder to her to slow down and enjoy every minute,
 it has, in fact, arrived and done so in the blink of an eye. 
Personally, my head is spinning at the notion of her no longer being in school.  The vast majority of her life has been in the school wash cycle.  To now retrieve her from the dryer, figuratively speaking, is mind boggling.   And just like that first school performance where I choked up not so much from her performance (which I'm sure was brilliant) but more from the realization my baby had grown up - I am fully prepared to take kleenexes to the commencement. 
THIS is a big deal.
Over the past year I have found myself expounding the value of higher education; pointing out to our son that despite the increased number of kids going to college, the end result of graduation is never to be taken for granted and should never be dismissed as 'no big deal'.
It is a HUGE deal.
In a changing world where the value of a college degree is diminished by the insurgence of fly-by-night "colleges", the opportunity to extend your education at a quality school is still a privilege and an honor.
A conversation I have never had to broach with Allyson.
At no point in her 22 years did I ever expect anything less, but neither did I assume it would simply happen.
My confidence in her never waned.

I celebrate her commitment and hard work.
I celebrate her determination to quash fear of the unknown and move away from home.
To study for not one but two degrees that often was greeted with cynicism and raised eyebrows,
and on more than one occasion provoked the question:  "well, what exactly are you going to do with that?"
I celebrate her achievement to not only graduate college,
but to graduate from Wellesley College,
the #4 ranked liberal arts college in the entire United States.
I celebrate this incredible milestone.

All the shortcomings life may throw my way,
when my children shine I am reminded how truly blessed I am.

and Proud
oh, so Proud
like busting at the seams PROUD


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  1. What a major accomplishment for you all!! Hopefully you'll get gorgeous weather!

  2. Oh my! So exciting! (And a little bittersweet for the parents!) X

  3. Standing ovation from me to your daughter and to her briliant parents! Kudos to a job well done. College may be over, but life is just beginning!

  4. You should be proud and it is a milestone. Enjoy the graduation.

  5. An Awesome Accomplishment for your daughter!! So happy for her and of course, you and your husband, for being such advocates for her. Hoping the graduation ceremony is wonderful!

  6. A wonderful achievement! Such a proud moment - enjoy every minute and congratulations to your hard-working daughter! And congratulations to you, too, for raising her. <3

  7. Such a milestone! Such an accomplishment! Applauding right along with you! {let me know if there's ANYTHING you need when you're here for her ceremony!}

  8. Hey proud mama! Let's hope that a liberal arts education is not a thing of the past. Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. I hear you, but I suspect we will always need educators, computer scientists, doctors, lawyers and as the riddle goes - indian chiefs. (or the more politically correct: bakerman, thief) :)

  9. Congratulations to you and your daughter! Have a great time celebrating!

  10. Enjoy this time - it's very special to celebrate such a milestone with your family. Good Luck to your daughter. May she be happy in her future career.