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Monday, May 11, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | it is what it is ...

Despite our best efforts, (or that of the repairmen) our air conditioner is still NOT working properly
and it is HOT out. 
I'm not talking 'warm', but H.O.T.
 We went from 60 to 90 degrees in one fell swoop. Ugh! 
Consequently any energy that would otherwise go towards creativity or photography has been taken up sitting to the nearest thing to air conditioning and sucking on ice tea.
so this is what it is ... 

 the GOOD ...

Happy Mother's Day - Gardenia Bonsai
After the quick demise of the gorgeous tulips, my husband decided to go with something a little more durable.
(or maybe he is questioning my ability to keep a "regular" plant alive - might have been all the artificial ones around the house.  But that is because of the cats.  Yea ... the cats!)

 the RANDOM ...

Why would anyone in their right mind continue to use this chair? 
Because it is my husband. 
For a man always on the cutting edge of technology, he is steadfast to avoiding change. 
Despite being told repeatedly to order a new chair at work - it took 2 springs hitting the floor to get this point across. 
Don't believe me 

the FUN ...

taking what you've got and making the most of it. 


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  1. Love all of it! Well, except the lack of A/C.
    Hope you get relief soon - cooler weather is on its way here in the Midwest, although it is way too humid for mid May...

  2. Sorry about the AC. Totally get it. Ours likes to go out each summer when the temps soar. Wishing you a speedier service man! Love your bonsai tree!

  3. Your last picture reminds me of how kids will play in a box rather than a use a toy. My husband is an engineer, kind of the same situation are your hubby with his acceptance of change!

  4. Always thought it would be so cool to have a bonsai - but a green thumb I do not I've never tried!

  5. That bonsai is wondeful and will be so fragrant if it blooms. My mother had luck with growing gardenia plants. I would be wilting in extreme heat, but right now, any warmth sounds good to me!

  6. Hope the ac gets fixed asap!! The little bonsai is awesome.

  7. I you get cooler air some, or the weather changes :)

  8. Oh, I hope your a/c gets fixed soon... don't know how I can survive the heat without a/c.

    I love bonsais ---so elegant and easy to care for.

  9. Hope you get the AC working soon. That's too hot! Love the bonsai.