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Thursday, May 7, 2015

little.things.thursday | litter ...

and so it begins


the feral cats have had feral kittens
and the little stinkers have adopted their parent's disposition towards humans
Yes - even though I have faithfully fed and sheltered
(and built a make-shift playpen to keep babies from wandering out into the pool)
I get attitude

except this one
it briefly hissed at me as I gently rubbed its head
but soon got over it

I mean - look at those eyes - gracious!

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  1. Kitty attitude or not, they're adorable!

  2. So cute, Nicki....I'll bet if you continue to pet it, it will come around.

  3. Oh Oh Oh! I'm in love! Too cute!

  4. Oh, just too cute! And beautiful. As an owner of a Siamese cat, I totally love the blue eyes. Do you ever domesticate them?

    1. I have 3 cats - these are the 2nd or 3rd generation kittens from the neighbor's cat (who they never spayed) - all feral. Since this litter was had inside the fenced area around our pool, I am hopeful I can start breaking down the barrier and hopefully these can be adopted into loving homes. Another neighbor is going to assist with collecting the others to have spayed/neutered so we can stop of cycle once they have stopped nursing.

    2. Yeah, I think the constant kittens, although cute, would bother me, especially since they could be spayed / neutered. Glad you and the other neighbor have a plan!

  5. That is a beautiful kitten. Their baby hisses are so funny. I hope they drop the tude soon!

  6. Those are very pretty kitties...I miss having a cat, too many friends with allergies now. Those blue eyes remind me of our kitty. I miss him. Happy Mother's Day to you, the flowers you posted are beautiful!

  7. Attitude in one so young! But with those eyes, all is forgiven!

  8. What a cutie-I'm thankful our cat was fixed before she "adopted" us. This was the one thing we feared. But this cutie!! Cats are funny and strange animals.