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Monday, August 3, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | DC style ...

Allyson departed for Japan out of Washington, DC where she underwent a day of orientation and schmoozing with the Japanese Ambassador. While she was off having fun with that, the husband and I walked around DC for some 10 hours. According to my iWatch, we hoofed a little over 12 miles 
- seems like more; 
still, an enjoyable 10 hours on a beautiful day. 

 the GOOD ...

The last time we visited (the kids have since been to DC with their 8th grade classes) - but the last time 'we' visited, Allyson was 15 months old. She especially like the Washington Monument because she could run - probably the last point in her life where she actually enjoyed running.
This is a girl who firmly believes that running late should qualify as exercise. 
#notafan #whatsthehurry 

 the RANDOM ...

No trip is complete without a visit to a Cheesecake Factory. The meals were delicious (as always), and my dessert was as well despite the meringue being nothing more than melted marshmallow, emphasis on the melted. My mom and grandmothers could teach the Cheesecake Factory a thing or two about 'real' meringue - #1: it does not melt off the side. 

 the FUN ...

After dropping Allyson off at Dulles, we headed back to Tyson's Corner to stay another day before returning home. What better way to distract you from shipping your kid to the netherlands furtherest corner of the earth than some retail therapy. Tyson's is the old stomping grounds for my brother and me from the '80s when the mall had one level and The Hecht Company was the 'go-to' department store. I barely recognize the place now - but still, great fun.
 We stayed at the Hyatt which is attached to the mall; 
- I HIGHLY recommend it. 
#sorrynotsorry Allyson!


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  1. Oh, I missed the Netherlands deal. No Japan? Either way, she's off experiencing the world! Sounds awesome!

    1. sorry - my mom used to refer to' far and distant corners of the universe' as the 'netherlands' - nope, she is in Tokyo, Japan. :)

  2. So glad you were able to enjoy DC while sending Allyson off! I have friends who live in the Tysons area - love that part of the country.

  3. Hi!
    Looks like you a wonderful time. Have a great day!

  4. When my daughter would take off for the "far corners of the earth" I would wait a few months for her to be familiar with where she was staying, then fly out to see her. Hope you get to make a trip to Japan!

  5. We might be heading off to DC for a weekend before the summer is out! Hope the trips were wonderful for all!

  6. And she's off! So exciting! Hard to let them go, but thrilling to get to watch them live a dream! I know she'll do great! We haven't been to DC for almost 30 son has never been - oops! Gotta get that on the list!

  7. Wonderful times, new chapters in life, we're experiencing a few of those right now too. Bittersweet is the one word that sums it up. As for that yummy cheesecake, oh yeah, we go there too, and my daughter enjoys sharing her own lovely recipes with us as well!

  8. Glad to hear that you found some ways to distract yourself from sending your dear girl off to another world.

  9. Back to Japan, eh? That's exciting. You just reminded me that I haven't been to DC since Pres. Obama's first inauguration. We've been talking about going to a Nationals' game, but it's too hot for me in the summer. I have a friend who lives there but she is currently in Afghanistan. When she gets back, we need to get on that train!

  10. It's both hard and sad to send them on adventures. I know she will have a wonderful time and send you lots of pictures...At least you had some fun while helping her to use those wings.....

  11. I was wondering why the cheesecake had icing dripping down the I know it was supposed to be meringue. I have not tried making meringue ever since I moved since high humidity and meringue do not play nicely together.