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Monday, August 10, 2015

Good.Random.Fun | petrol ...

On our return home from Washington we made a pitstop at a little country convenience store 
where it went without saying that I would take a few pictures. 

 the GOOD ...

My dad, our family, was long identified by this emblem. 
After my parents married dad left his job at the local Ford dealership to run his own gas station. 
 Happy Motoring 
which would eventually be called Esso. 
which would eventually be called Exxon.
which would rule his days and his nights.
A time when full service wasn't limited to the gas pumps but described how he ran his business.  Whether mechanical work or new tires, your car was always returned to you fully detailed and windows were washed each time you stopped for gas.

 the RANDOM ...

Over the years things advanced in design and while I don't remember ever having this type of pump I am kinda shocked nothing of this nature was found on the old family farm. 

 the FUN ...

What I do remember are the fun little things Esso/Exxon would give as promotions 
or customer appreciation. 
 Like a tiger tail to hook onto your gas tank latch/car antenna/rearview mirror. 
"Put a tiger in your tank" 
 Or coffee mugs, hot pan grippers (still have one of those), and a tiger pin. 


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  1. This is so cool! Love the story.

  2. I remember the tiger as well....what fun to have such memories. No doubt your dad had to work hard at his station.

  3. I remember the tiger and their promotions too. When I was single there was a gas station near me that would still pump your gas for you. I stopped there often.

  4. Hi Nicki,
    Found you over at Tamar's blog today. How I enjoyed the walk down Memory Lane while reading your Esso post.
    :) Maureen and Josephina Ballerina (the cat)

  5. Small, darn world! My father owned a service station, too, but he was a Gulf man. The kind of place he ran doesn't exist these days, it seems. He was a completely full-service station and would get calls, like a doctor, in the middle of the night if someone's car wouldn't start. Could you imagine that happening today?? Well, I guess there is AAA. Cool old gas pump. We came across a Gulf one similar to that on our recent trip to Vermont.

    1. Barb - yep - that is how it worked back in the day and if it was in a small town - that is how you stayed in business. I remember Gulf. Small darn world indeed. :)

  6. I love old gas station memorabilia, such a treat to photograph.