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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I just knew it would get like this - the month of May always has a way of consuming every second with activities. We are fighting off another possum (yea, how weird is that - 2 possums in less than a month), all the while running kids to activities and school related events. Allyson was proudly inducted into the National Honor Society this week. Pictures - not so good, Proud Mommy moment - excellent! She makes us so proud with all she has accomplished and her future has no boundaries. I'll never forget when she was being screened for kindergarten and one of the teachers emerged from the screen room laughing - apparently Allyson wanted a specific sticker for her bus name tag - "it fit with her ensemble better". Love Love Love this girl!


  1. Congratulations to her!! I can see why you are a proud mommy =).

  2. That is wonderful! Congrats to her (and to mommy!) :)

  3. Congrats on her accomplishment. I like the lighting in the picture - it's so hard under those conditions. But you captured what's important.

  4. So it's not just my "May" that is extremely full hu? I swear I have something to do on each and every day! Congrats Allyson!!