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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prom ♦ and ♦ Circumstances . . .

Yesterday my daughter attended her first prom. In a week's time we tidied up all the last details to her attire and proudly patted ourselves on the back for accomplishing what had originally seemed 'mission impossible'. In all the hoopla, I envisioned certain photographic poses and the ultimate application of skills I've been working on through 2Peas. But alas, it rained, rained, and rained a little more for emphasis. Fortunately the rain stopped shortly before the kids were to depart for the evening and I quickly attempted some shots - but all my visions went down the drain, and the skills I had hoped to apply eluded me. We did get some photos before they left for dinner and a couple at the 'grand march' (nother story, nother day!) All-in-all, she looked beautiful, they had a grand time, and everyone made it home safely.


  1. Wonderful! Your daughter looks great, and her date did a great job with those beautiful flowers. So glad they had fun and made it home safe and sound.

  2. Nice work! Love the DOF in that last shot!

  3. What a special time. The two look so cute together! I love the pink dogwood, too!