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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School . . .

and what are we dealing with - possum.. AGAIN! All summer - no problem (or so we thought!). Just as I am getting the kids geared up for school - NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! While I took a couple photos of (less than cooperative) kids before they bid me arrivederci and left for (an AIR CONDITIONED) school - this post will not display their joyous faces - but rather what I am faced with for the day (or two -or three-.or..) FANS. On the up side, I do believe they qualify as "shapes" which is this week's POTD challenge. [how'da ya like that for an up spin on the situation!}

You would have thought fencing around the air/heat pump would have translated to
.. move on ..
.. get lost ..
.. find another location ..

- guess not! -


  1. oh man what a day
    i hope that you get your problems fixed

  2. Oh my, welcome to my world....the world of fans. We live in a 1500 SF house and have 4 of them. No AC for us, since we only need it about 20 days a year. Hope yours gets fixed soon!!!

  3. So the possum ate your air conditioner? Yike! I actually prefer fans to ac (but I live in ND!)

  4. Oh No...that is noooo fun!! I hope you are air conditioned soon!!