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Friday, August 28, 2009

TGIF . . .

We're still here - moist from the humidity and heat (still no air cond.), tired from sleepless nights and the usual awkward back to school new routine - but we're here. I think the extreme humidity (even more so than the 90+ degree weather) has fried my brain. I can not seem to get even the basic picture. Those 1st day of school shots were nothing short of YUCK and my retakes this morning - not much better. I was going to give it a try on day 2 of school, but I managed to mess up every alarm clock in the house and it was a race to get each child to their respective school to avoid them being tardy (amazing how fast that teenage girl can get ready when she HAS TO!). We have caught one possum in the cage with its baby hanging on the top - pest control has their job cut out for them this morning trying to wrangle that. When I informed my husband of the caged and un-caged vermin - his response was "did you get a picture?". Really, am I that predictable?!?

Since this is a photo diary - here is a picture from earlier this year for the "shapes" challenge.

And NO, I did not take any pictures of the pests awaiting escort from under the house. Honestly, when I cracked open the trap door to check the cage and there they were just staring at me, the only thing that crossed my mind was getting the door closed as quickly as possible.


  1. I sure hope your air cond. get fixed fast or the weather cools off for you. Cool Pic.

  2. Great shot! I hope you get the problem solved.

  3. Cool shot! And I hope your a/c is fixed now, we had two horribly hot days with no a/c and it was miserable!!!