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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The OTHER child . . .

Looking back over my posts I feel guilty that there is an imbalance, a greater tendency to share pictures and stories of one over the other. As a child, I accused my mom of having a preference. Her response was that when I had children I would better understand that a loving mom does not prefer one child over the other, but champions to each of their individual strengths and weaknesses (for the record, she never denied loving my younger brother the best!). I do not love or prefer one child over the other, it is just that one child is head strong and seldom wavers from what she is doing and has 'teenager' down to a science. She will do as asked - but only WHEN she is ready to do it - and generally with a bit of negotiation. The boy is still in the 'testing the waters' of 'teenager', consequently is more willing to do as asked and caves MUCH easier when the topic of photos comes up. In defense of my daughter - she does have a boat-load of school work and when not doing that - she prefers to watch the news, Glenn Beck, and draw at her computer. Every now and then she graces me with help on photoshop and shares one of her drawings. So - after all this jabber.....I thought today I would share a sampling of art by Allyson - hand drawn on her computer.


  1. She is so talented! Wonderful drawing!

  2. Very beautiful! She has a lot of talent. I have the same problem with my blog. Mostly though, because my kids are still young and my daughter loves the attention of a camera and my son wants nothing to do with it!

  3. WOW great drawing! she is very talented