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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Growing up is hard to do . . .

Over the past few days, my baby cub made the middle school trip to Washington, DC. Three years ago when my daughter made this trip, I quickly came to the realization that I am not going to do well when they head off to college. I informed her that in order for me to sleep, I'd just have to go back to college with her. She laughed. I meant it!

This time around, it was a little different. The school instituted a different departure format which discouraged parents from going into the school to see their child off. I could have muscled my way in; I could have stood my ground and bared my teeth and claws. But with my constant coughing and desire not to spread this virus, I opted to wait out by the tour buses and see him off there. [I was also encouraged by papa bear to 'let the boy grow up'.] When they released the kids - mine flew by me like a complete stranger with only a mere nod of acknowledgment. He had the good sense to wave at me through the bus window. I suspect it occurred to him that if he didn't, I would just haul myself up on that bus and give him a big ole mama bear hug (a/k/a complete humiliation). Actually, he is a good boy and knew that it was important to me that he let me know he'd made it on the bus with everything in tack.

I'm not going to deny it - I thought of him often and said constant little prayers that he was doing well and having a good time. While I probably slept a little better this time around, it was more a credit to the cold drugs than being at ease. Lets just say, there was no question as to which parent was going to be waiting for him to get off that bus at 5 am. growing up is hard to do - at least it is for mommy!

It was interesting looking at his collection of pictures as compared to those taken by his sister. She has a streak of her mom - lots and lots of pictures. He is much more streamlined. She was very into capturing everything they saw: buildings, art, landscape. He is a social butterfly and completely into capturing his friends, but still did a good job on getting a few of the landmarks.


  1. My DD has a class overnight trip last month (4th grade), and I was a nervous Nellie the whole time she was gone. I guess it doesn't necessarily get easier as they get older, huh? I'm glad your DS had a good trip, and I'm sure he'll have lots of memories of it!

  2. Looks like you are finally growing up. ;)

  3. I remember when my youngest went on this trip. He didn't even want to go and I sort of made him, knowing he'd enjoy it and it would be an important event in his school life. He sort of gave me a little finger wave from the bus, like yours, thinking that it was better to apease me. He had a blast and occassionally still talks about the trip so the mommy guilt has eased now. It was very tough to watch him go, but it was wonderful seeing him come back with the stories of his adventures. I'm glad you let your little bird fly. Hang in there!

  4. Very cool to see these through your photos here! Great captures!

  5. So hard to let go! Beautiful photos!

  6. He did so awesome!! I love the blue sky he got in that last picture. Growing up really is hard to do...for the parents to watch.