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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is in the air . . .

well, at least last weekend it was.

Lately I have been uninspired to photograph anything. Last Friday I was faced with idle time at Marshall Univ. while Allyson participated in the United High School Media Event. With hours to kill, photographing the cable bridge located at one end of Huntington seemed like a doable task. The challenge - angle!

I initially tried down at the base by the flood wall. Not exactly the best place to see the bridge, but being equally intrigued by the wall, a perfect location to snap some shots of it.

I rarely travel in this direction and consequently had not noticed the art on the flood wall. Nice, but not really my objective.

maybe further in downtown
.... er, not really!... again, with all the trees, not what I had in mind.

so I made my way closer and out of the trees. While still not want I had visioned, trying to find the right angle got me out of my slump, outside to enjoy the Spring weather, and re-inspired me to take pictures. Next time - higher grounds.


  1. I like that last photo--the angle makes all those cables resemble a sail. Very neat! Plus that blue sky is delish!

  2. I am loving all the blue sky you got to enjoy. Cool bridge.

  3. well i like all your diffrent points of view of the cable bridge. and the one with the trees is really nice. cant wait to see when you are able to get to higher grounds

  4. I love the angles in the last picture. You did a great job capturing it! I hear you on the slump. Thank goodness for all the flowers popping up around here, or I'd have no inspiration at all!