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Friday, April 9, 2010

Reflect . . .

Can you believe it's Friday already? It doesn't seem like it was a week ago we were in Nashville with a full "week off" awaiting us to fill with all kinds of activities. As always, I had high hopes of getting some things done around the house - but alas time seemed to allude me. None-the-less, I did manage to accomplish the most important one - spending time with the kids. I love having them home with me. I always have.

I also managed to get my 2009 Blog book ordered and must say I'm pretty pleased with it.

I considered 'blurbing' my blog, but from all accounts the picture resolution is not so good - so, I pulled together some excerpts from my blog and piece-milled them into a book through Shutterfly.

I was a little apprehensive about taking something that I had fallen in love with digitally and having it printed. What if it didn't transition well, what if it was super pixelated, or too dark. I am happy to say that the pictures actually printed out better than expected. While it took some time, nothing beats having photos in hand to touch, flip through, and go back to again, again, and again.


  1. Wow, that looks beautiful! You are right - a physical book is so nice to have around.
    [I need to do the same thing]

  2. I did a blurb book of our family blog last year and I absolutely loved it. I plan to do one each year. Enjoy your book!!!

  3. Oh, what an inspiration! I usually "slurp my blog to blurb", but have gotten "fussier" over time! I haven't been motivated to deal with 2009 yet, but you are inspiring me to look at shutterly instead of blurb. You really thought it made a difference?

  4. What a neat idea. Your book looks beautiful!

  5. Your book looks gorgeous! What a great way to remember the year!

  6. I love your blog book! I'd love to make one as well. What a great idea!

  7. It turned out great. I've been think of doing a book like this for each of my kids (for each year) instead of scrapbooks (bc I never scrap anymore).... I'll have to look into shutterfly, tfs :)

  8. It looks wonderful!
    I had our family blurb book published not to long ago and love having it.