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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Signs of the times . . .

but what is their 'real' message ???

I'm all for healthy babies - but where does the moose fit in?

Admittedly my husband's favorite.
But honestly, unless you take possession at a cow's birth -
aren't they all 'used' so to speak.
"uh, no thanks, I'm looking for a new, low mileage cow"
--- obviously I'm not into the cow market.

I regret that I did not have my camera out on the trip going to Nashville, because we passed several 'faith' based signs and I was especially drawn to their locations. 10 Commandments across from the adult book store. "Do You Know Where You will Spend ETERNITY?" located beside 'Billy Joe's BBQ'. (or John Bob's BBQ - at any rate, it was apparently going to be at the BBQ).
And the reminder 'Hell IS Real!'. I believe this one was down from the Dinosaur Land.

So many photo shop possibilities, so little time.

and not all messages came by way of signs. There were many many beautiful farm homes along the route to Tennessee, but clearly this family wanted to send a message to their neighbors. "TOP THIS!"


  1. These are all hysterical!! Used cows---hehehe! And I don't get the moose either. Maybe all the other costumes were rented adn that was all that was left.

  2. ROTFLOL! My husband had to come up and look over my shoulder to see what I was laughing about! You. Are. Funny!!!

    And is that last picture for real???

  3. Wait, seriously. A fortress in Tennessee? Who would have thought?!?

  4. LOL, that last with your commentary about killed me. SO FUNNY! And the BBQ one too....hilarious. Thanks for making me smile today! :)

  5. These are great. I love seeing all the strange things on a road trip.

  6. Great stuff, Nicki! I absolutely LOVE the used cows sign! Oh so funny! Thank you for sharing these!!!

  7. Used cows is pretty funny! And that last picture...what a house.

  8. that last picture is the castle on Nicholasville Rd in Lexington KY :-) The story behind it (rumor anyways) was that a man bought a castle from england and had it shipped here piece by piece for his wife only for her to leave him. It sat unfinished for close to 15 years and only just recently got jazzed back up. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog! :-) Thanks for the share.

  9. Thanks for sharing that Amy - all I could tell was that it was a bit ostentatious. Guess a castle doesn't buy what it used to in love. Thanks for visiting.