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Monday, May 24, 2010

All Sprung Out . . .

I am so over Spring and flowers. My sinuses can't take any more and frankly I am tired of looking at pictures of them.

If I don't soon pull my camera out of the bag and photograph something non-floral I just might go off the deep end. I have given serious consideration to going on strike and refusing to make any further meals, do laundry, or any of the many household tasks I do on a daily basis for my kidos unless someone steps up to the plate and lets me take pictures of them. Its volunteer or be subjected to candids. (and there is no guarantee of tastefulness with candid shots!!!) Their choice!!! (bawahhha!)


  1. I'm so sorry about your allergies! O.K. So sometimes we do overdo it with the spring flowers . . . but it beats snow shots! That's the tough one for me. I never see a white blanket, sparkling under a clear sky, conveying a wonderful sense of peace . . . I look at snow and think: "Yeah, it's white, so what! It's cold out there, and slippery, and that white stuff turns grey or worse in no time! Yuk! Can you tell I'm still traumatized by winter . . . ? Just a little . . . ?

  2. I'm just glad to be outside. But allergies are no fun! Hopefully the pollen will settle down soon.

  3. Boo on the allergies...hope you find a victim to photograph soon (and I love your flower shot)! :)

  4. Pretty flowers! I feel you on the allergies, I was out for a walk yesterday and a man was blowing weeds etc and blew a bunch of them right at me!! (not on purpose, but still!!)