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Saturday, June 19, 2010

mug shots . . .

no rest for the weary, especially for my daughter. This week she started her mentoring project which involves an hour commute to and from the job. My brother was very gracious to allow her to work at his office for this assignment, and the staff has been very receptive to showing her the ropes and giving her "real" tasks. While her chosen topic is to research the role of women in the law office, I believe she will come out with so much more. One week in and she already has a better appreciation of what her father and I do (in my case - did) day in and day out and why some evenings when we say we're beat, well...we mean it. In the mean time, the only pictures I am able to get of the kids are 'mug shots'. She had to have one for her student id - and her brother was a willing guinea pig. I was working with a reflector (from a photo web-course I only managed to attend a couple of times) and I have to admit I like how it vastly helped with the dark under the eyes and bounced light in their eyes. I also used the off-camera-flash and probably didn't need to. Live and learn.... live.and.learn!


  1. Hey--a mug shot is still a photo! Congrats on getting both of them. Your son has gorgeous eyes; I am sure, too, that he practices that stoic expression. Tsk--teen boys....

  2. Great shots and great catchlights!

  3. Love the catchlights, nice mug shots!

  4. Boy, you can really see the resemblance between you and your daughter! And that is a very cool picture of your son! What beautiful eyes!