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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Capitol Market . . .

My sister and I spent a day in Charleston visiting, figuring out cameras, eating yummy lunch in South Hills, shopping in my old neighborhood, and photographing, and visiting, ...

One stop with the cameras was at Capitol Market. As we got started, we were approached by another camera enthusiast who commented on what we were doing. Apparently it had never occurred to him to photograph vegetables - he was a covered bridge and grandchildren type of photographer. My sister was stopped several times and asked if she was taking pictures for a magazine. She must have looked more serious about what she was doing, or maybe I had "its okay, its just a mom with a camera" written all over me. lol! In any event, we had a great time.

oh, and did I mention we got to sample Holl's Chocolates. Best ever, and made right here in Vienna, WV.


  1. I love your close-in, detail focused veggies! The tomato looks like a sunburst, and the comp on the eggplant is lovely; I really like the textural contrast. What a fun day! Don't you love the looks you get when you are photographing non-traditional subjects? Always gives me a kick.

  2. ROTFLOL! When I take out my little point-and-shoot camera, I know I don't look like a professional photographer. I look like a middle-aged lady who is taking photos because she is about to sue someone and needs pictures to show the judge! For sure, no one has ever mistaken me for a "real" photographer. You commented about the serving plate on my blog, and I just wanted to tell you that I got it at TJ Maxx for $2.99!

  3. Something healthy and something sweet! Doesn't get better than this! BTW, ROFL at Maria.. I am not sure how I look. Probably crazy with some of the moves I have to do to get the angles I want :).. People are probably afraid of me!

  4. I love the eggplant photo. Funny story!

  5. Not sure how I look either - but I was asked during vacation if I was a professional photographer... Ha! And love going to the market and photographing veggies... should try for more close-ups!

  6. I love the eggplant picture!

  7. Gorgeous~ I love the Capital Market! Soho's in one my favorite places to eat.