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Friday, August 20, 2010

teens . . .

this is what happens when a teenager gets a new iphone . . .

these two are like two peas in a pod, pseudo-brother & sister, nuts! There were more, many more pictures. And this is why we don't allow texting. It would be the commercial with the cash-register receipt running on and on because with this teen - this teen and his nutty friends, they can go on and on and on.........

speaking of THIS teen - yesterday was his first day of high school (gulp!) and he was pretty stoked about making it to each class without too much problem. He informed me last evening that there are 700 Freshman this year so even if he had gotten confused, he would have been in good company. Apparently the halls were packed. {I'm still digesting his graduating class as being SEVEN HUNDRED ! ! !}

and one for RMB:


  1. These are so fun! Looks like both of your kids are picking up on your photo habit. I LOVE that texting commercial--ain't it the truth??

  2. I can't wait to look back in a few years on cellphone pics as an entirely new medium, especially in the hands of teenagers. They have such a different perspective on life and it's fascinating to me to see the world as they do.

    700 is a staggering number. Good luck to him!

  3. 700!!! My kids graduated from classes with only 70 some kids!! I can't imagine that many. He looks like he is enjoying his new "toy" I have seen the commercial and I am very grateful my kids are grown!

  4. Such sweet photography playfulness! Happy Highschooling! I graduated with a class closer to 1000 . . . . .Here in ND, there are many many towns and cities that don't come anywhere close to that size!

  5. Ahh . . . teenagers . . . I like how you've captured their sense of fun! Both my kids graduated with a class of over 1,000, and my own graduating class, back in the Dark Ages, was 1,100, but schools nowadays are great at making such a large environment smaller. I can't wait to hear the high school stories!