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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Milestones . . .

Today the kids go back to school. It is the first 1st day of high school for my son. It is the last 1st day of high school for my daughter. This is the first time in years where they have been at the same school even though they are not far apart in age.
Yesterday was Freshman orientation. It took us what seemed like hours to figure out the room numbering system. Conclusion, there is no system. ( one hall has rooms 205 and 207 - but no 206....guess what room my son's class is in........yep, 206 - at the end of the hall to the right, then two doors down on the left!) I prayed this morning to the high school gods to please guide him and not leave him wandering in the halls.
As for THE daughter. It was a very late night getting that last bit of summer school work projects done. A very late night. So I prayed to the same high school gods to not let her fall asleep during school, or on the bus for that matter. I am guessing the high school gods will be busy today.

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  1. i love this photo with the bus rolling in. hopefully both kiddos will find their classrooms. i always had that fear in high school!