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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Procrastinators Unite . . .


I haven't been in the mood to get the camera out lately. Maybe its the heat. Maybe its because I've been busy getting the kids ready to go back to school. Maybe its because every free moment has been consumed cracking the proverbial whip to get one child to finish that last little bit of summer school work. In any event, I'm borrowing some pictures taken by my daughter while at Brown Univ. this summer.

a little play with black/white and cropping.

this is a group of staples from a power pole. that poor pole!!

this is almost too traditional a photo for my daughter.
she rarely photographs the obvious, and is drawn to odd perspective and detail type shots.


  1. It's draining isn't it? I'm still recovering from sending my oldest back to college . . . and I still have another one at home! I remember when the kids were little I never wanted to go on vacation in August because we'd come back and I'd immediately have to switch to school preparation mode. There was no down time to relax and play with the vacation photos. And there's so much more work when they are younger . . . I can imagine how busy you've been.

  2. I love that staple shot! That pole has served for displaying a lot of flyers.

  3. Your daughter took some great shots!! Love the staple shot!