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Friday, August 27, 2010

a Capitol view . . .

Before Kim and I hit the food market for pictures, we approached photographing the Capitol from a different angle - a more distant view.

The rain and/or rain clouds toyed with us all day and made it a challenge to get the 'right exposure' on her new camera. My camera is an older model, where you have to turn this or that to achieve what you want. Her camera is new technology. My observation is that many electronic advancements are like life = two steps forward, one step back. I think we finally figured out how to get the tools on the camera to work in concert - but without the manual at hand, it was like the blind leading the blind.


  1. Beautiful shot! And I so agree with your two steps forward, one step back! :)

  2. What a great shot--really like the water in the foreground! And sometimes I think it is three steps back!

  3. Glad you figured it out, cuz I really like that shot. Love the reflection in the water too!

  4. That's a really fabulous shot, especially with the reflection of the building in the water. Great job!

  5. Great shot of the capital. I do think we have one of the prettiest capitals around!