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Friday, August 27, 2010

Gourdness . . .

Since tomorrow is going to be consumed with tae kwon do testing followed by a house of teens watching sCaRy movies (oh my!), I figured I would share some gourds in all their gourdness from our visit to the Capitol Market. Before we know it, we'll be carving and putting these out on the porch.

Have you ever seen these? They're called 'snake gourds' and basically only useful for decorating. eek! I see lots of creepy potential with these.


  1. These are great shots. I love the color - makes me wish fall would hurry.

  2. Great detailed shots! Love all the colors!

  3. Ohhhh. I love them all! Awesome photos!!!!!

  4. Pretty! And those last gourds do have a kind of creepy potential!!!!!!