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Sunday, August 29, 2010

playing . . .

my brain is fried and my energy fizzled after this weekend - so I am doing some mindless playing with 'templates'.


  1. This looks fantastic! Love all the vibrant colors!

  2. Never tried a template - how fun!! Love all the colors!

  3. Oh, pretty! Looks like you stalked a farmer's market! . . . . So baseball scares you, huh? Too funny! I tend to not mind "baseball noise" as much as I mind other sports' hysterical screamings. It also cracks me up how much guys "touch" in baseball (including in the audience!)

  4. Oh, man! Food pictures! Have you ever encountered an easier subject? They don't whine about being photographed, and you end up with the most amazing colors and shapes! And you know I love to cook, so this is just too tempting! That butternut squash is making me eager for fall, and that's just wrong. I wish I could have those yummy squashes but keep the summer!