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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gray days . . .

The color challenge for September is gray.

Its been awhile since I partook in any photo challenge. Honestly, its been awhile since I've had much interest in pulling out the camera for anything. I guess it can be chalked up to the kids being 24/7 on school work and extra-curricular activities. Or maybe because the weather decided to bounce back up to the 90s. In any event, the gray dull days of blasé have definitely hit.

Admittedly, it might just be because we've added 'texting' to our phone plan, plus "Angry Birds" game app (very addictive) ---- so taking pictures has an opponent.


  1. Very nice! I never thought of texting as a deterrent - I kind of think of it as a time saver! Jill (pea jill_ilene)

  2. Great grey shots! Hope you won't drop your camera for your texting!

  3. I really like the grey beach--but then, I like the beach in any color I can get it! HOW did I miss your market collage and those gourd shots? WOnderful! Don't you just love harvest season?