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Friday, September 3, 2010

So Long Summer . . .

As I browsed over my recent posts it occurred to me that I'm in a rut. The words "stagnant", "boring", and "predictable" came to mind. Dull--as--dirt! Then I thought - I'm not boring, my life this summer has been anything but dull, predictable or stagnant. In fact, this summer was filled with lots and lots of time with the kids, trying on different college campuses, sightseeing out the wazoo, and in my spare time trying to figure out what makes adolescent boys and high school senior girls tick. Dull, I don't think so. If anything, this summer has provided me with more photographic opportunities than I have a right to dream of. Shucks, I've even noticed a slight improvement in my photos. Oh sure, I've had the assistance of a husband who points out the better composition. And yea, I've gotten posing directions from a son who has more insight into 'how to look good' than any teenage boy should. And of course my cooperation-challenged daughter has sufficiently driven me just short of 'mAd'! (she has an image to uphold after all) So why on earth have I been in a photographic rut? Or perhaps a 'blogging' rut? I think it might be denial. If I don't put it in words, then it isn't so. If I don't write much about the wonderful and beautiful colleges we've visited, perhaps we can continue looking - say, until she is 30. And if I skip the part about a boy that has gone from 5 foot medium to 6 foot tall, and avoid the nonsense about his changing voice - he'll stay young and innocent forever. Maybe!

Reality check - my babies are growing up. The fact is I enjoy the company of my children. I always have and hopefully I always will. We created these wonderful little packages of instant worship, then sent them off to kindergarten where they came home with other people's ideas and influences. Before we knew it, they'd slipped into the crazy teen scene trying to figure out who they are and where I sometimes question if they're even from this planet. And soon, college - oh my! Denial.

So what does any of this have to do with the pictures. I suspect denial. When my husband informed me that the Blossom Dairy had closed this week I just couldn't believe it. I don't want to believe it. The Blossom Dairy has been one of my favorite stops in Charleston; a restaurant that goes to the beat of a different drum - homemade and old fashion. A special lunch spot I shared with my daughter one Saturday where she discovered for the first time she and Reuben Sandwich were soul mates and where we talked about all the important things in life - well, maybe just the fun ones. I am saddened and in denial. But by no means boring!


  1. Great post, Nicki. Very introspective and evaluative; sounds like it was a good summer, on balance. Those milestones in your kids' lives are always stumbling blocks for the moms; I understand. LOVE your PP on the Blossom Dairy photos. You captured the timelessness of the place. Sorry to hear it's been lost to progress.

  2. You are not boring - that's for sure! Love the shots you took in that restaurant - and the texture - love it!

  3. Nikki: Boring is not the first thing I think of to describe you . . . or the second, or third, or fourth . . . Nope . . . I'm up to twenty and boring is still not there . . . Creative and talented and funny and a great mom do come to mind . . . and I only know you through your blog!

    I know what you mean about denial, though. Life moves so fast! I think denial is my way of making whatever stage in life I'm in last a little longer . . . just until I can wrap my head around it before moving on to the next one.

    I have to say, choosing colleges was pretty easy for us. We just stayed out ot the decision altogether and let the kids decide where they wanted to go. We lucked out! Our kids are very sensible, and, of their own choosing, decided to attend our local community college for two years before transferring to a four year university. Now our oldest is at NIU and loving it (again, his choice). He's on the Dean's List and doing fabulously. Our youngest will be transferring over to a 4-year university next year. He doesn't know where yet, which, of course drives me nuts, but this child is the one who tests my patience. I'm still determined to bite my tongue and wait him out. Relax, mama, you've done a great job raising her, and she'll be fine!