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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

random Questions . . .

why do some stuffed animals get 'catch-lights in their eyes...

and others don't ?

Is it a prerequisite that every fair send home fish - where they will live maybe 2 days, then die? What did goldfish ever do to deserve this status in the circle of life?

did someone get paid to come up with this game concept? If I'm not willing to step on my scales at home for free - there is not enough cotton candy, soda pop, and corn dogs to get me to step on one in public. Honestly, lets leave the "guesstimate" of my weight to the DMV - that is what my driver's license is for.

Last night was a slow TV night so my husband turned to the comedy channel where we proceeded to sorta watch an old show of Bill Engvall. One of his monologues was on random thoughts. He is not alone in this regard. I have them, along with random questions, ALL THE TIME!


  1. Really like the new look, Nicki! Such a great showcase of your photos. I am SO with you on the "Guess Your Weight" thing--they could at least be WRONG, don't you think?

  2. Your post made me smile! Love your random comments! And the shot of all the goldfish bowls is wonderful!

  3. Love the new blog! I am cracking up at your comments!

  4. I have to ask, Nicki, what is the processing you are doing? These are so awesome. . . and I had to skim back to yesterday's fair shots as well, because I love how they turned out. Are you using the Topaz Adjust on these? One particular preset? I'm still trying to resist the purchase to save money. . . but you're not helping!!!!!! I love the reflection you got in the poor, doomed, little fishies. . . .