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Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF . . .

So much to do--------so * much * to * do!
I can commensurate with my daughter about having what seems like an endless lists of 'TO DOs'. Her head has been spinning lately with all the school work, Senior junk, and college prep; so much to the point she is perpetually exhausted, overwhelmed and emotionally drained. She actually remarked that she just wished this year was over. She desperately wants to go back to being a student with normal deadlines, steady homework, and some free time. Noooo! I will have to say I have found myself wishing the whole college application process was finished up, but I don't want her last year living at home full time to be at an end.
It strikes me that the process of being a senior anymore is 'over kill'. The other day they were given packets to order their cap and gowns. But wait, there's more.... you will need to order your announcements, your card to stick a picture in to put in with your announcement, return cards/envelopes, a wallet diploma, calling cards, and a 2nd tassel with an emblem of your choice. And if you order the Mondo package, you can also get a t-shirt, sweats, frames for your diploma and tassel, and jewelry. Oh, and did I mention - it must be ordered NOW! Good grief people - they haven't even gotten their first report cards ! ! ! I can't imagine why these kids are overwhelmed.

She took this picture while at Brown Univ. this summer. I'm guessing there is still a lot of truth in the quote. Your last enjoyable moments of youth are in your college years - after you have given more blood, sweat and tears imaginable trying to get into college, and before you graduate college and have to act like an adult. At least the high school seniors have something to look forward to - the fun is yet to come!

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