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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Surprises . . .

some are good, others, not so much.

These shots were a good surprise when my husband updated some data on my daughter's iphone the other day.

I vaguely remember telling her to try and get a picture from her side of the train on our trip to New England this summer; however, how they have not been downloaded onto the computer until now perplexes me. She has had a rough week at school - so when I showed her I had stumbled across these today and prepared them to post on the web - well, she was pleasantly surprised - and pleased.


  1. Nice shots and what a pleasant surprise to find them just when your daughter was having a rough week! I really love the first one with the reflection.

  2. Those are iPhone shots? Very impressive! I'm glad you found them to enjoy.

  3. All these with an Iphone? Wow - she did great!

  4. Really like that first reflection shot. I am so impressed with the iPhone photo quality, too. Glad these made her week go a little better.