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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finishing touches . . .

to Homecoming 2010.

Its funny how the final accessory makes the outfit complete.
We opted to go with simple and traditional this year because the kids were wearing black/white. However, when I picked up the flowers I couldn't help but check out all the elaborate / ornate / exquisite bouquets of flowers and immediately began to question that decision.
I had to remind myself that:
1) my daughter wouldn't want a stack of flowers like a bride,
beautiful as they may be, because she would worry about misplacing them the whole evening;
and 2) it just wasn't her style.

While I was not so impressed with the boutineer made for her date (it was tiny, TINY I tell ya), it matched glitter to glitter to her corsage, so it was all good. Once the kids got dressed and after several attempts at stabbing my son, the finishing touches were made to their attire and all was right with the world.
She had a wonderful time at her Senior Homecoming
and He can't wait until the next dance.
(gotta get all the mileage out of that monkey suit we can before he out-grows it!).


  1. Think you choice of flowers was perfect. Love that tie shot! Glad they enjoyed the dance!

  2. I love the flowers! Very unique. That tie shot is great, too! Sorry I didn't have a jumping shot this time.....the scheduling didn't work out with the group this time, and so I guess they had to pay big bucks to get pictures at school (that probably didn't include a jumping shot either!! )

  3. I really, really like the corsage! To me, it looks stunningly elegant. And both their flowers seems so perfect with their total outfit. You captured nice detail of their special event. (And your comment about Toto being wooden cracked me up!)

  4. Nice shots capturing the little things. I think the flowers were just perfect. Added bonus when she gets her first bouquet of flowers like a brides... she probably WILL be a BRIDE!

  5. I love the corsage! Your kids looked so cute on homecoming, I love your daughters dress.