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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming 2010 style . . .

Double the trouble...

I'm talking painting toe nails as she applied the make-up.

double the fun ...

I'm talking hysterics between him and his best friend on the way to the dance.

(bet you thought I meant the smiles he gives me.....not!)


  1. Smile or not they are both beautiful in their homecoming suit and dres!

  2. What a beautiful young girl and handsome dude! I absolutely love her dress, and somehow, it seems more in keeping with their style for him to not smile for these shots! (But I bet he has a great one!) These were wonderful and you found nice backgrounds!

  3. Fun shots! She looks gorgeous. He's very handsome. Love that dress!

  4. I loooove her dress! It's beautiful! I love the first shot of that hansome man too. It's perfect. Yowza! What a great looking pair.